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How to Apply

Application forms for family housing and rent subsidy are now available online. For those unable to print the forms, you may also pick one up in person at our Central Office, or have us fax you a copy.

When you have completed your application, bring it to our office, where one of our staff will briefly review for completeness and answer any questions you may have.


There is a cover page with the application form that briefly outlines the requirements you should meet in order to qualify for housing. We will still accept your application for review even if some of those qualifications aren't met, as there may be situations that we will give special consideration.

In all cases, applicants must be a Canadian Citizen, individuals lawfully admitted into Canada for permanent residence, refugees sponsored by the Government of Canada, or individual who have applied for refugee or immigration status and for whom private sponsorship has broken down.

Family Housing and Rent Supplement Eligibility Requirements

  • Be in Core Need (unable to acquire or maintain adequate or suitable housing without paying more than 30% of annual income for accommodation)
  • Have a total annual income below the establish income threshold
  • Fall within the established guidelines for asset limits

In addition, applicants must have dependent children living with them in order to qualify for our Family Housing units.

Seniors' Accommodations Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be at least 65 years of age*, in the case of couples, only one applicant has to be 65.
    * Under Age Applicants Special Circumstances — If a situation arises where a vacant unit exists, and there are no interested eligible applicants to fill the vacancy, the Foundation may lower the age eligibility. All other eligibility criteria remains in effect.
  • Applicants must be functionally independent with or without the assistance from community agencies (ie. Homecare).

Applicants for the Self-Contained Apartments must also be in Core Need (unable to acquire or maintain adequate or suitable housing without paying more than 30% of annual income for accommodation).

What happens next?

Only fully received applications will be reviewed. Please ensure that all required information has been provided.

Applicants are prioritized on the basis of need, as determined by income (below the Income Threshold), assets and current housing conditions.

The references you provide in your application will be contacted for a brief interview. This is quite often a cause for delay in the review of your application. Please consider this when supplying your references.

Should anything in your situation change as your application is being reviewed, please contact the Housing Accommodations Manager to advise them of the appropriate changes.

When your application is approved, the Housing Accommodations Manager will be in contact with you to discuss housing availability and to schedule a new tenant orientation.

We do not provide emergency housing

Housing applications can take a minimum of 30 days to process. If you are in need of immediate assistance, please try contacting the following agencies:

Family Housing
Seniors' Lodge and Apartments
Rent Supplement