North Peace Housing Foundation

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Business Plan

North Peace Housing Foundation prepares a business plan every three years as per the Alberta Housing Act. It is a planning and management tool that is an essential element of good business practices.

An excerpt from the Alberta Housing Act:

A management body shall prepare a business plan for each 3-fiscal-year period with the objective of planning the process through which the purpose of the Act can best be achieved.

The business plan shall include the following:

  1. short and long term property and building maintenance plans;
  2. an estimate of projected revenues for the 3-fiscal-year period;
  3. an estimate of operating expenditures for the 3-fiscal-year period;
  4. an estimate of capital expenditures for the 3-fiscal-year period.

A board shall provide the Deputy Minister with a copy of its first business plan on its reporting date, and a copy of each business plan thereafter at least 90 days prior to the end of every following 3-fiscal-year period.


As plans are approved and become available, they will be posted here for public reference.