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Rules and Regulations

The Lease document details many of the rules that apply to your tenancy with North Peace Housing. Many of these regulations are in place to ensure our communities remain a pleasant and safe place to call home.

These matters are not taken lightly. Failure to comply with the Lease will have consequences, ranging from additional fees being applied to eviction.

  • Paying Rent

    Rent is due and payable on the 1st day of the month. Payments can be made at our Central Office or one of our Lodges. We can accept payments by cheque, money order or debit (Central Office only), or by direct electronic funds transfer.

    Late Payments

    After the 3rd business day each month, all rent receipts are reviewed and tenants who have not yet paid their rent will be assessed a $50 late payment fee, and may be given a 14-day eviction notice. Payment of rent within this period will negate the eviction.

    If you know that you will be unable to pay your rent on-time, please contact your respective Housing Accommodations Manager to advise of the situation. We will make efforts to work with you.

    Rent Adjustments

    Unfortunately, not everything in life goes according to plan. There are times when a situation will change that is beyond our control. If your situation changes (i.e., job loss, maternity/parental leave, etc.), please contact the Housing Accommodations Manager and they can make adjustments to your rent during the period of reduced income.

    Annual Income Review

    Each year, starting in June, we will conduct an income review for each tenant. You will receive a notice a few weeks prior indicating what information we will need. Generally, this will require you to have completed your income tax return for the previous year. Depending on your situation, your base rental rate may change.

    It's important to complete this review before the deadline, as tenants that fail to complete the income review will be given notice of an increase to the market rent within 30 days.

    For our family housing tenants, an additional charge for electricity was applied as part of the monthly rent. That amount was only an estimate. During the Income Review, you will be provided with an accounting of the actual electricity charges that were incurred. The difference between the actual cost of electricity and the amount charged with rent will either be credited or charged back to the account at this time.

  • General Rules

    Pets are not allowed on the premises.

    Satellite TV Dishes require written permission from NPHF prior to installation.

    Guests are allowed on the premises to a maximum of 14 days.

    Keys may not be duplicated unless approved by NPHF. You may change locks, at your expense, for security reasons; however, you must provide NPHF with a key for access in case of an emergency.

    Parking spaces are provided for tenant use only. Unlicensed or inoperable vehicles must be removed, or will be removed by NPHF at the tenant's expense.

    If you are away from your unit for a period of four days or more, you must inform NPHF and ensure that someone is checking your unit.